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Plan your team outing with Perfect Holidays


“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” that famous saying really applies for us all isn’t it? It true and we need to break that monotony of work.

As most of us in the capital of Sri lanka there is no doubt in that all of you are busy with your 9-5 jobs. Let’s take a break and ensure our time in finding out some of the best team outing places in Sri lanka for a great experience ahead. The best thing is that if you are planning a team outing in Sri lanka and are looking for a location, perfect holidays can give you much more options to make your team outing more memorable.

Why you select Perfect Holidays?

  1. 175+ partner hotels across the island
  2.  25+ Most attractive locations to select
  3. Fast quotes
  4. Lowest group rate, GUARANTEED*
  5. Arranging DJ and child entertainer at reasonable price


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Lets plan your outing

Effective tips

  • Plan in advance

Advance planning will help you to identify the different choices of your team and act accordingly to
satisfy all of their expectations. You can omit most of the last minutes changes once you finalize the plan

  • Save the date

Make sure that the date you select is comfortable with all your team mates as well as your senior bosses.            Suggesting to select weekend without Long holidays as most of the hotels are fully booking during the period and you will miss your fun with your team.

  • Budget

Plan your outing based on your allocated budget and make sure that you are not going over budget. The fun, comfortable, experience and all will depend upon your budget. We can help you on organizing your outing with what you want or need for the event in a reasonable way.

  • Target group and place

The place you selecting would the place where most of your team mates preferred to visit. It always would help all of you to set your moods at first sight.Make sure to organize the activities based on the group of the people who participating to the event. If the decision is to have a family outing with children then we need to concentrate on more fun. Better if we can arrange a child entertainer specially when having such occasions to entertain Children. If the participants are limited to your office staff you can plan more on DJ and extend your budget to beverages.


  • Food and Beverage

Keep in mind that selected menu is catering to all of your team mates preferences including veg and non-veg. If you have considerable amounts of ladies participation budget few extra on soft drinks as well.

  • Preparing Guest list

When planning your hotel accommodation better if you could share a separate list based on seniority levels. There might be a possibility of upgrading rooms by hotels based on availability and staff will prioritize the guests if you have shared any VIP list.

Top 3 holiday activities recommending for your teams

Water sport adventure

If your choice is to have a beach holiday at South coast  you can have a fun with water sport adventure in Bentota at reasonable price.

  • Jet Ski
  • Banana
  • Lay down
  • Sofa
  • Tube
  • River Cruise


Whale watching at Mirissa

  • Boat departure time is everyday 7:00 am from Mirissa Harbor
  • You have to be Harbor at 6:30 am
  • Tour time around 3 to 5 hours





White water rafting and adventure at Kithulgala

If you are preferred to have an adventure team outing we can offer you the below activities at a reasonable price,

  • White Water Rafting
  • Rain Forest Trails
  • Canyoning
  • Stream Slides
  • Trekking
  • Confidence Jumps
  • Bird Watching
  • Camping




Now you’re ready to show your team a great time while increasing their happiness through well plan fun activities.Call Mahesh if you need any help – 009471959004


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