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Hot Air Ballooning at Damublla & Kandalama

Flying a hot air balloon across Dambulla /Kandalama is an amazing experience everyone should never miss. Feeling the warm air and enjoying the breath taking view is one of kind experience.
Flights are dependent on good weather conditions and it’s on pilot decision. If a flight has been cancelled due to inconvenient weather conditions and if the payment has been made, collected amounts are, according to your preference, refunded, or your reservation is transferred to the next day.


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Package Includes
  • 1hour flight
  • Transfers from/to hotel
  • Glass of Champagne & Juice
  • Water
  • Flight Certificate for passengers
  • Insurance
[Rs. 22,000 per person]
Flight Area and Timing
  • Take Off Place: Kandalama / Dambulla
  • Flight Area: Dambulla-Kandalama-Sigiriya depending wind direction.
  • Take Off Time: Around 06:00
  • Flight Duration: 1 hour (+/- 10 min. depending on weather and terrain)
  • Pick Up Time: Kandalama: 05:30 , Dambulla: 05:15, Sigiriya & Habarana: 05:00 (may vary depending on hotel location)
Good to know
  • It is no colder in the balloon than it is on the ground. You should wear sensible shoes and dress comfortably. Flights generally take place in the early morning (because the weather is more stable), and the average distance we cover, in accordance with the wind speed and direction, is anywhere from 1 to 15 kilometers.
  • The height at which we fly will vary from tree top level - where we enjoy contour flying at low level to several thousand feet up: the perfect vantage point to observe the majesty of Dambulla-Kandalama area.
  • We collect you from your hotel approximately half an hour before sunrise.
  • Transport to and from your hotel is provided in our luxury company vehicles.
  • Your pilot will give you a safety briefing before take- off and tell you everything for a safe and enjoyable flight.
  • The flight has a duration of 1 hour plus or minus 10 minutes, depending on weather conditions and terrain.
  • After landing, we celebrate in style with a traditional glass of Champagne, and your pilot hands out your personalized flight You should allow 3 hours from start to finish.•certificate.

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